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2013. 11. 29.
Take the ancient elements of fire and water in a historic monument, blend them with ultramodern smoke and laser machines from the future, add the compulsory liquid and edible ingredients of a usual party, and you find yourself among hundreds of... BŐVEBBEN »
2013. 11. 26.
It's quite unusual in Hungary, but believe us: Magic Bath Sparties do start EARLY! Don't wait till midnight (or even later) to arrive, even if you have your ticket bought already online or in advance! The gates open at 9:30pm and even with very... BŐVEBBEN »
2013. 11. 18.
Online tickets are already available for our forthcoming Cinetrip Future Disco 2 event. The ingredients of your mental end-of-year galactic recreation will be: fire, hot-hot healthy water, cosmic smoke particles, laser beams, interstellar... BŐVEBBEN »
2013. 11. 14.
Have you tried partying in a historic monument? And have you done this wearing swimsuit, bikinis or trunks? Well, it's high time you visited Magic Bath in Budapest, where you can do all these floating in thermal water! But don't forget: you have... BŐVEBBEN »
2013. 11. 06.
NB, we do not accept bank cards for the tickets, the closest ATM is near the bridge, on Margit krt (the street that goes straight from the bridge towards the heart of Buda, the route of trams 4 and 6), about 3 minutes' walk. And of course,... BŐVEBBEN »
2013. 10. 28.
Get ready for the wettest Halloween after-sparty. Reuse your waterproof fancy dress, be it angelic or spooky, magical or hillarious, and blend in the internatonal pool of spartyheads  in Lukács! 2nd November, BŐVEBBEN »
2013. 10. 19.
In Hungary, Towel Day is every Saturday, not only 25th May... Celebrate it with us at Sparty tonight in Lukacs Bath. Of course: don't forget your towel (should you happen to, we have special branded memorabilia for you) BŐVEBBEN »
2013. 10. 18.
Come see how this oldtime mudbath looks on a Saturday evening in the 21st century. BŐVEBBEN »
2013. 10. 17.
Don't forget to lock your cabin or locker door properly when you put in your clothes or after you popped in to get something. If you have difficulties, a users' guide is displayed in the changing room area, or you can check it here online:Users... BŐVEBBEN »
2013. 10. 16.
This week it is Tom Select of Girls and Mathematics and Superman of RCKO.FM to provide your liquid beats in and around the Magic pools of Lukács. further info:  BŐVEBBEN »
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