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05. 02. 2014.
Sparties are better then Finnish Saunas, because: Finnish sauna achieves its effect purely through hot air and gets 1-2 millimeters deep into your skin, while Sparty vibes and the 37 degrees hot water permeate the whole of your body and soul. You... MORE »
01. 02. 2014.
Spring is approaching soon, hopefully. But if you want it already in mid-February, we have the best solution for you! Try the hot spring water of Magic Baths with plenty of Calcium, Magnesium, Hydrogen-carbonate and Sulphate, Chloride, also Sodium... MORE »
25. 01. 2014.
Outside it's winter - inside (and still outdoooors) it's summer. Quite unbelievable, huh?Check out the latest video of our Cinetrip Future Disco on the penultimate day of the year!on vimeo  MORE »
18. 01. 2014.
Wanna suprise your sweetheart for Valentine’s Day? Why not get tickets for yourselves for the launch of the new Magic Bath season the following day? Online tickets to the 15th February Magic Bath sparty, as well as to all MBs till the end of May are... MORE »
05. 01. 2014.
2013 and our awesomely splashin' winter Magic Bath season over, we are ready for a fresh start. Virtually, there is no stopping: online tickets are already available for our 2014 spring season. Magic Bath will recommence on 15th February in... MORE »
27. 12. 2013.
Tickets in advance to Cinetrip Future Disco will be available at the cash desks of Szechenyi Bath as well between 27th to 30th December. Further info:  MORE »
26. 12. 2013.
Spartying outdoors on the penultimate day of the year? Do not worry, the outerspace pools of Cinetrip Future Disco will be 37 degrees Celsius hot in Széchenyi Bath. Flip-flops are advisable though, the floor may be cold. But expect the hottest... MORE »
19. 12. 2013.
The recipe to survive New Year's Eve: go to Széchenyi Bath the night before. Complete cleansing for body and soul. Experience the future a day earlier! Cinetrip Future Disco: MORE »
18. 12. 2013.
Sparty-timing for the following months: 30th December: Cinetrip Future Disco in Szechenyi Bath, then after a short break for the winter, Magic Bath is back at Lukacs Bath every Saturday from 15th February. Online tickets and further info: www.... MORE »
10. 12. 2013.
The DJs of the ultimate Magic Bath sparty will be Crimson and Kaszi. Check out their tunes on the website - and then in person of course. 14th December, 9:30 pm! MORE »
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